How To Register


Reminder we are an event for adults 18 and over. 


Prior to registering your Team, you will need to prepare and gather the following:

  • Decide your registration type:  either a team of 3 (or less) $1200, or a Team of 4, $1600. NOTE:  If your car falls into LUXURY CAR class (under 10 years old or over $2,000 in value), you will be invoiced separately the $300 “Luxury Car Tax” by Rally for a Cause. This is a tax deductible donation paid directly to the charity.
  • Details of your team vehicle - make, model and year.
  • Decide on your “Team Name” – this will appear on the Dunga Derby website.Team Captains Contact Details - Full name, email and phone number.
  • Name, phone number and email address for each team member. NOTE: The email for each participant must be an individual email address, it cannot be the same for more than 1 person registering.  This is the UNIQUE IDENTIFIER that gives them access to the Dunga Derby portal.
  • A Team Photo or Logo – this will be displayed on the public website profile page.
  • A short Team Bio - This is the fun bit. Give us some fun info about your team. This info will be displayed on your team profile page on the Dunga Derby website.


Click on the REGISTER button on the Home Page of the Dunga Derby website 

  • Select which ‘Rally” you are applying too – 2022 Fraser Coast or Sunshine Coast Dunga Derby 
  • Registration Type – Team of 3 (or less) - $1200 or Team of 4 - $1600 
  • Team No. – leave blank, your team number will be allocated to your car, when the Team Registration is approved.
  • Team Name – Enter your team name
  • Vehicle Make – Enter the make of your car
  • Vehicle Model – Enter your car model
  • Vehicle Year – Enter the year of your car
  • Vehicle Registration No – Enter your vehicle registration number
  • Team Profile Image – Upload your team photo or logo (Try to keep image size less than 1MB). This image will appear on your team profile page on the Dunga Derby website
  • Team Bio - This is the fun bit. Give us some fun info about your team. This info will be displayed on your team profile page
  • Team Captain’s Name – Enter the first and last name of the team captain
  • Team Captain’s Phone No – Enter the phone number
  • Team Captain’s Email – Enter the email you have the best access too. This cannot be used for other team members; it must be unique to you. 

Once all these details have been added, you will be required to click, read and agree to, the Dunga Derby Team Registration Terms and Conditions and then click “Submit”.

Once you have completed these steps, your position in the Dunga Derby has been reserved and you will receive an email notification inviting you to the “Dunga Derby Customer Portal”. In the first instance click on the 2nd link, create a new password, once you have entered the portal you are then able to complete the rest of the Team Registration process.

Within 2 hours of reserving your spot in the Dunga Derby your Team Registrations payment must be made for the entire team registration fee (either $1200 or $1600) via direct deposit to:

Account Name:    Dunga Derby Fraser Coast Inc
BSB:                         084705
Account:                299575414

Save a copy of your payment receipt – and email to  

PRINT these and the rest of the registration instructions - CLICK HERE!

Before you register!

If your team comprises participants in a 3rd party relationship, such as a scenario whereby you have people in your car who are, or could be perceived to be, a recipient of personal services of one or more other members of the team... then we need to talk to you. Are you an NDIS provider? Supporting a person with medical needs?
We have allocated a generous percentage of total entries to teams who fall into this scenario, this is in addition to the advertised allocation of available entries. 
If this is you, please do not proceed with a traditional registration, rather please email Your email will be timestamped.   

Registration FAQ:

A timely reminder that the reason we do the Dunga Derby is directly related to the recipients from our communities.

It's not about us, it all exists as a way to raise funds for people with life limiting medical conditions or people affected by circumstances beyond their control.

Q: What's my registration for?

A: To help cover the expenses of food, entertainment, camping, permits, signage, Reccie, the Insurances, plus . You could think of it as a "provisions levy" if you like. 

Q: What about COVID?

A: We've been managing the event around COVID for years now. We can't predict it, we can just deal with it as issues arise. 

Q: Will I get a refund if it is cancelled?

A: We won't know until we know. It is unlikely to be cancelled, we've never cancelled before. If it has to be cancelled the day before, there might not be any costs left unpaid and thus no refunds available. A lot of hospitality businesses and small communities rely on our attendance to stay afloat. If it is cancelled months in advance, yeah maybe (But we've never cancelled yet, so unlikely.)

Q: Where does my money go?

A: Registration costs go to the running of the event, Fundraising goes to Rally for a Cause, to be distributed to Recipients. 

Q: What if its rescheduled and I can't come on the new date?

A: We'll deal with that as it happens. If very little of the event expenses have been finalised, maybe we can issues refunds. If event expenses have been distributed- sorry no. 

Q: What if something happens and I can't come?

A: We'll support you to find someone to apply to take your spot. It's not uncommon for people to need to transfer their 'place' and we can make that happen. 

Q: What if my team doesn't make Fundraising minimum? 

A: We don't ask for a lot. Other charity car rallies (that are non-for-profit like us) set the minimums at $3300.00, $5000.00 and $8500.00. We  encourage teams to get started on their fundraising right away, so it's not left until the last minute. If you cannot come up with ideas and fundraisers yourself, we can definitely help you! There are lots of facilitated opportunities each year like sausage sizzles, raffles and local businesses happy to help teams with their fundraising goals. 

Q: Why is it a car cost and not an individual cost?

A: The car registration cost is a team cost. Regardless if you have 2 or 3 people in the team the cost is the cost. Example: if you have 2 people or 3 people you still need the same amount of stickers. If you have 2 people or 3 people in the team, the band charges the same, they won't give a discount because your car has 2 people instead of 3. It is also important to remember we encourage teams to have 3 members where possible so they can be self sufficient, manage fatigue and share the load. 





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