About the Dunga Derby

The Dunga Derby is the major fundraising event to support the Rally for A Cause Charity in their efforts to support local Sunshine Coast families with life-limiting medical conditions in need of financial and/or practical assistance.

The 2021 Dunga Derby Sunshine Coast will be held from the 29TH JULY - 1ST AUGUST 2021 and will travel from a Sunshine Coast location out to the bush and back - having a whole load of fun along the way!  


To enter your team you pay a registration fee that covers the costs of your meals, accommodation, entertainment, activities, event insurances, permit fees & charges and included Dunga merchandise (shirt etc).

Each of our teams then fundraises (a minimum of $2,000 for a team of 3 or less, or $2,500 for a team of 4), with these proceeds going directly to the Rally for a Cause Charity efforts. 

The 2021 Dunga Derby registration costs are:

  • $1,155 per team of 3 (or less)
  • $1,540 per team of 4
    (Note: The maximum number of people per vehicle is 4)


Dunga cars should be purchased for under $2,000 and need to be more than 10 years old. If you would like to bring something a bit more comfortable then a small “Luxury Car Tax” of $330 per vehicle may be paid in addition to your minimum fundraising (this fee goes direct to the charity).

In the lead up to the derby the teams fundraise over six months with loads of events throughout that time - everything from barefoot bowls to BBQ’s and even a High Tea. The Sunshine Coast buzzes with activity and the business community get right behind us, sponsoring our teams and their vehicles (the dunga's!)


Well most of it is a closely guarded secret.....you won't know where we'll be going, what we'll be doing and where we'll be staying.  Each morning and afternoon new route instructions are provided and you'll go with the flow....with some fun adventure stops and activities along the way.

Campsite facilities will be provided (they may be basic with limited showers - but it's only 3 nights!). Bring your swag, or tent, or sleep under your dunga if you like. The Dunga Derby officials will take care of your meals and provide entertainment, while you take care of your own drinks, refreshments and snacks.


Dunga teams should consist of 3 (or 4) persons who are happy to share the driving.

Each of our teams has a responsibility to raise a minimum $2,000 ($2,500 for a team of 4), which goes directly to the Charity efforts.

We encourage entries from friends, businesses & workplaces and for those wanting to add more fun, costumes and vehicle themes make things interesting.


Dunga cars should be purchased for under $2,000 and need to be more than 10 years old. 

We have friends who can help you find a cheap car – however your car must be roadworthy and must hold CTP and third party insurance. It is absolutely your responsibility to ensure that your Dunga is safe. You may find the perfect Dunga and invest some love into it to keep it and use it year after year.

Themed cars are welcome and encouraged, they really add to the event.

You will receive a sticker pack including door sticker and sponsors sticker that you will need to include on your car in the prescribed locations.  Other than those you are welcome to theme your car and proudly display the stickers of your own supporting donors or sponsors.

Prizes will be awarded for stunts, teamwork, and participation… we have an awards function following the Derby.

Our Dunga entrants experience good natured rivalry and camaraderie and are treated to the finest old fashioned country hospitality.  The Dunga Derby is not a race or a timed event - it's about raising funds to support the Sunshine  Coast and other communities we visit along the way.

For more information download our 2021 Dunga Derby guides: 
Welcome Guide 2021
Welcome Guide
Sponsors Guide 2021
Sponsors Brochure

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