Dunga Vehicle Requirements

There is no denying the stars of the Dunga Derby are of course, the Dunga Cars! Dungas are to be a minimum of 10 years in age and should be purchased for under $5,000 in price, two-wheel drive sedans or wagons.  The older the better are preferred but not mandatory!

If you wish to take along a vehicle that falls outside this criteria, that’s okay. You will however, be required to pay a "luxury car tax" of $300.  

We do have a number of people who are able to help you source a possible Dunga if you need assistance. Just email sunshinecoast@dungaderby.com.au to get in touch with someone who can help.

The teams must be made up of a minimum number of 2 capable adult drivers to ensure that there is an appropriate driver ready in the case of an emergency and to meet the requirements of the The Dunga Derby safety managment policy.


All Dungas MUST meet the following criteria:

  • Registered and Roadworthy

  • Third Party Property Damage Insurance. A photocopy of your Certificate of Currency will be required at scrutineering.

  • Dunga Derby signage/stickers attached as per directions

  • Mounted flashing Amber Light that is clearly visible from both the front and rear of the vehicle. NO RED, BLUE, GREEN or PURPLE lights are to be used. If luggage is going to restrict the view from either the front or rear, we suggest you consider fitting two amber lights.

  • First Aid Kit

  • 80 / 40 Channel UHF CB Radio in good working order.  5 Watt Handhelds are permitted but fully installed units are preferred.

  • Spare Wheel

  • Fire Extinguisher

  • Safety Triangle

  • Front & Rear Tow Points.  Please note NO TOWBALLS TO BE FITTED.

  • Minimum fuel range of 450km

  • Operational Trip Computer. You need to be able to track distance travelled or Trip Computer App installed on your phone.

  • 10L Water

  • Basic Tool Kit.  An assortment of screwdrivers, shifters, small ring & open ended spanners, pliers, side cutter, duct tape, electrical tape, hammer, cable ties & some WD- 40.

  • Camping Gear.  We will provide the camp site with access to amenities but you will need your own camping gear to sleep in. Swags are very popular as they do not take up much room in/on your Dunga and are quick to put up and down.

 Some notes: 

  • The mandatory requirements list may alter slightly if items are deemed necessary. A finalised list will be sent prior to scrutineering to ensure all teams have time to be equipped as required.

  • Third Party Property Damage Insurance is NOT the same as Compulsory Third Party Insurance that comes with vehicle registration. It is also worth reading your insurance policy wording (PDS – Policy Disclosure Statement) to ensure you aren’t excluded from cover during the Rally. Most Insurers will allow coverage for a Non-Timed Charity Rally Event but you are better to be sure by asking the insurer the question straight away rather than finding out after an incident that you aren’t covered.

  • There are NO non-registered or participating support vehicles allowed.  All Dungas must carry their own vehicle spare parts/tyres and camping equipment.


  • Sump Guard and/or underbody shielding.  Sump and stone guards on the underside of your Dunga can help protect your vulnerable parts from potentially being damaged. Sumps, Gearboxes and even Fuel Tanks can be damaged by rocks or sticks being thrown up under the vehicle as some of the roads we will be travelling on can be a bit on the rough side.

  • Additional ground clearance. For similar reasons as above; Some of the roads we travel may have quite a few bumps and extra ground clearance will save your Dunga on many occasions. It is also recommended you head for a brief road trip while fully loaded. Once you add your camping gear and fridges for those essential beverages, you will lose height.
  • Off-Road Tyres. As there will be plenty of unsealed roads it is best you source some off-road tyres for a little extra grip.
  • Roof Rack. Your team is responsible for all your gear. Your clothes, personal effects, camping gear, beer fridges etc. Roof Racks are an easy way to ensure you have enough room for all your gear. Just make sure it is legally and safely mounted.
  • Cargo Barrier. If you are travelling in a wagon or SUV it is highly advisable to have a cargo barrier fitted so that luggage doesn’t become projectiles in the event of a sudden stop.  If no cargo barrier is installed you will need to prove a substantial load restraint system.


Scrutineering will take place prior to the Dunga Derby departure (date, time and place to be confirmed).

 At scrutineering you will be required to attend with your Dunga so that Dunga Officials can check that your vehicle meets the mandatory requirements, your paperwork is all in order and you have met your minimum fundraising requirements – basically making sure you are DUNGA READY!!

 All participants must be present at Scrutineering to complete the final individual participant paperwork and receive the mandatory Safety Briefing.  If for some reason a team member cannot be present, administration must be contacted to make alternative arrangements for this requirement. 

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